Alphabit is an expert IT services provider.

Our philosophy and vision is the development of innovative IT projects for businesses of all sizes. Alphabit designs, co-ordinates and implements solutions assuming responsibly on agreed cost, delivery time and quality.

Our primary objective is to offer high added-value by providing solutions tailored to the customers’ needs which bring substantial ROI. We work on simple tasks (e.g. IT helpdesk operations) and complex projects (e.g. secure network architectures) with same sense of responsibility.

We value business ethics and uphold the principles, desires and standards of our customers. As part of our consulting role we educate our customers to what best suits their needs, while respecting their budget and their expectations.

Finally, we try to shape what the market offers to the needs of our customers, not the other way around.

Who Is Alphabit

Our mission is the creation of a strong trusted relationship with our customers.
Our philosophy is to protect your ICT investment while designing with you your next technological steps.
Our promise is the professional treatment of any project and the in-depth analysis and design of every solution we propose.

Our skills

Cloud, Systems and Networks
Information Security
IT Consulting
Web and Mobile Design