Data Recovery and Digital Forensics

Expert Reports and Testimony

We live in the age of Informatics and the Internet. The use of digital media is almost universal.
Data loss due to virus attacks, malware or damage is common. Alphabit has the right technology and expertise to successfully recover lost data.
At the same time, cybercrime is now a daily occurrence. Words like hacking, trojans, worms, spyware, backdoors, adwares have entered our lives and these digital attacks are causing huge damage to Businesses of all sizes. The investigation of these attacks is essential for the successful detection of the perpetrators.
All these attacks leave electronic traces, i.e. digital fingerprints that can be presented to the proper Cybercrime prevention authorities to help bring malicious hackers to justice. The detection of these traces is essential to identify the root cause of the security breach and its extent in order to expel the invaders and secure the digital premises.
Alphabit has the experience, expertise and globally recognised certifications from prominent institutions (i.e. CISSP, CPFA), its personnel is trained and prepared in laboratory exercises and conducts research of digital evidence in cases of all kinds, providing Technical Reports and Expertise for forensic use.


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