The company’s clientele consists of significant customers from the following industries:

  • Food industry
  • Public organizations
  • Diagnostic Centers, Private Clinics, Doctors
  • Scientific associations
  • Food and beverage businesses
  • Dining / Entertainment
  • Services companies
  • Metalworking companies
  • Quality Assurance and Measurement Companies
  • Financial brokerage firms
  • Information and Communication Companies
  • Holding & Investment Companies
  • Commercial / Importing businesses
  • Media
  • Legal services
  • Hotel businesses
  • Construction
  • Travel agencies
  • Pharmaceutical


Over the years, the company has been involved in major projects with objects:

Consulting on troubleshooting SAN Storage lost share and VM lockups for Linux KVM clustered hypervisor (ProxMox)

Apr 2017 – Apr 2017
Project description: A major accounting firm was facing lost share and lockup issues with a NetApp SAN storage system that was providing SAS and SSD datastores for a 3-node cluster of ProxMox Virtual Environment. Careful analysis of data flows as well as of the network and systems architecture revealed a topological shortcoming identified as root cause. A detailed report was produced and amendment steps were put forward towards the IT Dept. in order to alleviate the issue.

Traffic Engineering for Radio Station web-radio streams

Mar 2017 – Apr 2017
Project description: A well known company that owns 3 radio stations consolidated web radio streams over Leased Line and faced audio quality issues due to lost packets caused by occasional network congestion. The proposed solution was to provide Class-of-Service traffic engineering with differentiated forwarding classes and guaranteed bandwidth.

Network Monitoring solution for network infrastructure of major Investment firm

Feb 2017 – Feb 2017
Project description: To answer recurring questions on installed systems capacity and on availability and throughput of Data lines, PRTG Network Monitor was installed as a comprehensive solution providing visibility drawing on SNMP, WMI, SSH, sFlow and other protocols. All monitored systems were respectively re-configured to accomodate the monitoring needs.

Data Leakage Prevention - (Undisclosed Organization)

Mar 2016 – Mar 2016
Project description: Alphabit installed a powerful DLP in order to manage and handle Data Leakage risks for a well known organization. The purpose was to monitor and alert on any risk pertaining to all the data assets of the organization and a plethora data handling means either present to the network now or in the future. DLP protections have also been implemented in order to block all data extraction attempts and alert the administration for improper or unauthorized data use. Other creator: Dimitris Kantzios.

Luxury Estate ubiquitous WIFI access with roaming

Jun 2015 – Jun 2015
Project description: We installed a 22 Access-Point solution featuring indoor and outdoor units at a luxurious estate at the northern suburbs of Athens. We provided secure access to the internet for tenants and guests on separate networks and on different telecom lines (one was a DSL and the other a Leased Line).

WIFI - LAN/WAN Routing - Firewall - PMS - Cretan Pearl Resort & Spa 5*

May 2015 – May 2015
Project description: We installed and configured a complete Networking and Operations solution for one of the newest and greatest 5-star Hotels in Chania, Crete, Greece. The solution comprised of:
– Cat6 Structured cabling and Multi-VLAN Switching (Layer 2, Layer 3)
– Juniper Firewall with Application Security
– WAN Routing to the Internet via DSL and dedicated Leased Line
– Hotel PBX with E1 PRI phone Line,
– Juniper WLC/WLA for hotel-wide wireless access IEEE802.11a/b/g/n (upgradeable to 802.11ac)
– HotSpot software with walled-garden portal for differentiated access
– IP Can surveillance
– Protel PMS for Hotel Operations (Reservations, Guest Relations, POS)
Other creator: Dimitris Kantzios.

OpenKM DMS for National Assembly of Republic of Serbia

Jul 2014 – Jul 2014
Project description: We installed and configured the OpenKM Knowledge Management system (professional version) for the Library of the NARS in collaboration with a most helpful in-house IT management team. The OpenKM is a versatile tool that helps put order into the chaos created by a big number of files and documents in file servers. Organizations produce piles of documents, images and other information electronically. The location of this information is a time-consuming task. Users tend to file papers and to save documents in folders on their own computers. Nobody knows what information is across the enterprise and what information is needed.
OpenKM uses standards and Open Source technologies to provide full document management capabilities including version control and file history, metadata, scanning, workflow, search, and more. It also allows the social activities around content to be used to connect people to other people, information to information, and people to information. OpenKM integrates all essential document management, collaboration and advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution. It provides a one-stop solution by managing both structured and unstructured information.
OpenKM builds a highly valuable repository of corporate information assets to facilitate knowledge creation and improve decision making. The result is improved productivity in the form of shared practices, greater cost efficiencies, better people relations, faster production cycles, shortened product time-to-market, and better decision-making.
The project was conducted under the oversight of the Hellenic Parliament and was part of an EU sponsored Twinning Program between the two Parliaments designed to aid the Parliament of Serbia in the road of Serbia becoming a full member-state of the EU in 2020. Other creators: Dimitris Kantzios, Kelly Nikolakopoulou.

Athens Plaza Hotel WLAN and network re-engneering

Feb 2014 – Feb 2014
Project description: We designed and implemented the new WIFI network of the NJV Athens Plaza 5* Hotel in the center of Athens based on Juniper Networks wireless technology. During this project I redesigned the network infrastructure to accommodate current and future needs.Other creators: Sotirios Panos, Stavros Karaguloglou.

Sychroni Paideia SA - VDI-Private Cloud Computing

Jan 2014 – Jan 2014
Project description: Sychroni Paideia SA, a private school based, needed to upgrade its Computer Labs to enhance the Computer classes potential by providing access to the latest MS Windows and Office technologies. Instead of replacing the old Desktop PCs, we proposed a novel approach by offering a complete VDI solution based on an OSS KVM virtualization platform in conjunction with MS Terminal Services and GbE networking infrastructure, For the needs of this project we upgraded the UPS systems, the Windows Domain and AD services, the File Services and the overall security of the network. The old Desktop PCs remain in service as ‘fat’ clients providing access to the new VDI system, whereas still serving as an older version of the Computer Labs allowing for an eloquent look into the evolution of end-user computing. Project reference Mrs. Ioanna Peleki, CEO and Ms. Katerina Tsenesizi, Computing Teacher. Other creator: Dimitris Kantzios.

DECON SA - SRX HA Cluster-UTM-VPN-3G Backup-Core Switching-Network Monitoring-Controlled WIFI

Dec 2013 – Dec 2013
Project description: We designed and implemented a new Highly Available Secure network gateway towards the Internet along with some additional access and security features. The solution was based on 2 state-of-the-art Juniper firewalls in HA cluster mode utilizing L7 Application control in conjunction with on-demand failover to wireless 3G/4G and real-time Network monitoring based on the PRTG software. A self-provisioned VPN was also implemented on the SRX cluster and provided secure access to protected network resources when outside the corporate LAN. The WIFI based on the AX-411 managed APs provided multiple SSIDs controlled and secured by the SRX cluster. Project reference Mr. Kostas Theodorou, IT Manager. Other creator: Stavros Karaguloglou.

Aquis Hotels and Resorts - Hotel WIFI and WAN Load Balancing

Mar 2013 – Mar 2013
Project description: Aquis Hotels and Resorts was facing certain challenges at the Sandy Beach Hotel and at the Zorbas Village WIFI networks. Our team planned for specific actions to enhance the RF coverage, the system availability and increase the available bandwidth and traffic quality. We used Juniper SRX with Application Security and UTM to control the traffic and load balance the WAN links. For backboning the WIFI we utilized both structured cabling and wireless bridging/meshing where applicable. We used EnGenius APs and Bridges, and OSS monitoring software to plan and deploy a secure, controlled and available WIFI network. Project reference Mr. Panagiotis Golfinopoulos, IT Manager. Other creator: Dimitris Kantzios.

Services Gateway with High Availability - (Undisclosed SA)

Sep 2012 – Sep 2012
Project description: This project entailed the implementation of a first level Firewall infrastructure in HA cluster mode to provide a first level of defense against internet initiated attacks, and provide for direct DMZ functionality on low sensitivity services.
Further details and project reference are restricted due to outstanding NDA. Other creator: Dimitris Kantzios.

JGC SA - JGC-NET Firewall and Core Switch

Jun 2012 – Jun 2012
Project description: JGC-NET was facing challenges with WAN availability and service disruption. I troubleshooted the issues and replaced an existing Cisco router which was suffering DoS attacks with an advanced Juniper SRX services gateway with advanced IPS capabilities, Moreover I proposed the replacement of the unmanaged switching equipment with an EX series L3 managed switch to further enhance the DC capabilities. The end result proved to be extremely stable and noteworthily resilient. Project reference Mr. Yannis Mougiakos, VP and Technical Director. Other creator: Dimitris Kantzios.

JGC SA - Private Cloud Computing on VMware vSphere (ESXi)

Jun 2012 – Jun 2012
Project description: JGC SA was planning to decommission old hardware and needed to plan for new infrastructure. I proposed to move on to a private cloud infrastructure in order to lessen the operational cost and enhance the flexibility and availability of the existing systems. I designed and implemented the new cloud computing infrastructure which is based on VMware vSphere and HP server equipment with fault tolerant and highly available features. Project reference Mr. Gregory Billiris, CEO. Other creator: Dimitris Kantzios.

Aquis Hotels and Resorts LAN/WAN Availability and Security re-engineering

Oct 2011 – Oct 2011
Project description: We designed and implemented a complete re-engineering of all Hotel LANs along with the implementation of redundant WAN links to the Corporate Datceenter by utilizing Juniper SRX gateways with automatic WAN failover, Application Control, Access Control on the Hotel WIFI. Moreover I redesigned the security principles of the entire network in order to minimize the risks of threat propagation from the branch (the hotels) to the core (the corporate datacenter). Project reference Mr. Christos Pournaras, IT Manager. Other creator: Christos Pournaras.

KKMedical Specialist - VPN

May 2011 – May 2011
Project description: We implemented the KKMedical Specialist VPN facility based on a Juniper SRX services gateway in conjunction with a ZTE SP router used for dialing the WAN connection. Project reference Mrs. Katerina Katsamba, CEO.

Athens Concert Hall - WIFI Application Security and Control

Apr 2011 – Apr 2011
Project description: The Megaron Athens Concert Hall needed to control the traffic and bandwidth allocation on the Open OMMA WLAN. I planned and implemented a solution based on Juniper SRX with Full UTM licenses that allowed to supress unwanted traffic such as P2P file sharing and other offending protocols or applications. Project reference Mr. Alexis Valonassis, IT and Network Administrator.

Aquis Hotels and Resorts - Switching (Fiber and TP)

Feb 2009 – Feb 2009
Project description: Aquis was outfitting its Hotels with IP enabled equipment and services (VoIP, WIFI, PMS/POS etc.) and therefore needed a robust switching infrastructure on its hotels, Our team designed and deployed approx. 100 LevelOne L2 managed switches to accommodate this need. Project reference Mrs. Eleni Boutsi. Other creator: Stavros Karaguloglou.

United Telecom SA - IT infrastructure

Dec 2007 – Dec 2007
Project description: We co-planned and deployed the entire new IT infrastructure for United Telecom. It consisted of multiple Fujitsu-Siemens PCs and Servers, MS Windows Servers, Domain Controller and Active Directory, MS SQL Server, WIFI APs, Core Switching and Security. Project reference Mr. Stavros Karaguloglou.

Athens College-Psychico College - MS SharePoint 2007

Jan 2007 – Jan 2007
Project description: Following a demo installation of SharePoint in the HAEF, I was involved into converting it from a middleware to a Learning Management System, a Learning Platform for students and teachers, what afterwards evolved in the ‘Course Management System’, or ‘College Online CMS’. I hardened the system, resolved technical issues, prepared the back-end for upgrades and created the first versions of the “environment”, the look and feel and offered initial training and ideas on how to utilize it for learning purposes. Project reference Mr. Nikos Fekos, IT Manager.


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