We design and implement Information and Communication Technology infrastructures from A to Z and support both equipment and software for businesses of any size.

The steps we follow during a Project are typically the following:

  • Requirements analysis (Discussion and common understanding with the client)
  • Design (Choice of methodology, technology and human resources that are components of the Project)
  • Implementation (Execution of design and troubleshooting)
  • Testing and Documentation (Checking completeness and compliance with the requirement of the customer – Produce operating manuals)
  • Operation and Maintenance (Deliver and maintain in good working order)
  • Expansion and Upgrade of features
  • Replacement and Migration to new technology

We give particular emphasis to the quality of the Project, as well as its delivery within the agreed cost and timeframe.

Alphabit maintains the projects it delivers and undertakes the needed expansion or upgrade in the face of new requirements or more advanced technologies.

At the end of life of a technology, we can replace it, taking care of all aspects of the difficult task of seamless transition to a new technology.

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