Alphabit ProSupport

Alphabit offers standardised outsourced IT Helpdesk services with straightforward and transparent terms.

Alphabit ProSupport puts an end to computer problems and technical uncertainty since it is based on mutual interest, without unforeseen costs and unpleasant thoughts. Any item that we support is our responsibility to work flawlessly, and in the event that something goes wrong it is our responsibility to return to operation as many resourses it may require, or as long as it may take, without the customer having to worry about unexpected charges. We will get in touch with vendors or providers on your behalf, and acquire services or find parts, if needed, without the customer being involved.

Make a gift to your staf: tell them that any problem or question that they may have about IT issues can be addressed directly by calling Alphabit ProSupport helpdesk without unnecessary delays or approvals  – just as if you were employing internal IT staff with much higher costs and commitments.

Make a gift to yourself: stop dealing with infrastructure and their problems and dedicate your full attention where it’s really needed: your business. Leave the rest to Alphabit!

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