Microsoft Office 365

We provide migration and management services for Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Online, OneDrive, InTune, Enterprise Mobility Suite, etc. for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Public Cloud

We provide services to properly size a datacenter and prepare it to move on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

We create infrastructure in public cloud computing IaaS platforms and link it to existing on-premise infrastructure in either simultaneous production mode, or in a way which aims to gradually transition to Microsoft Azure public cloud infrastructure.

Private cloud computing – Server Virtualization

We migrate physical servers and network infrastructures to virtual machines using VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, ProxMox (Linux KVM) technologies.

Migration of technologies and files

We provide migration services for documents, files, email, contacts, calendars to Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, Exchange Online from any technology without downtime or lost files.

Shared Hosting

We provide shared hosting solutions for websites, e-shops, emails and files.

Domain Names Registration

Domain names .gr, .eu, .com, .net .org, .cc, .co, .info, etc. are registered as well as for most international TLDs.


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