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Network switches

Network switches. We install and configure managed Layer 2 / and Layer 3 network switchs for network segmentation in VLANs and Subnets. [...]

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Wireless Access Points

Wireless Access Points. We setup and maintain controlled access points for high speed WMM, VoWIFI, roaming / handovering with local or cloud controllers and high-density systems for large venues. [...]

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High-speed wireless links

High-speed wireless links and LaserLinks. We install high-speed wireless links and LaserLinks for line-of-sight connectivity over long distances.

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Call centers

Call centers (ISDN PRI / ISDN BRI / PSTN / SIP / VoIP). We install and maintain high-availability call centers with call recording, a large number of simultaneous calls, [...]

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SIP geographic numbers

SIP geographic numbers on a national and global scale. Use an oversees phone number to call from your local call center like it was a local number. [...]

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