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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The protection of sensitive data is a key issue for any organisation.

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Sensitive Data Protection is a Key Issue for any Organisation

However, most DLP projects fail due to constant postponements, internal resistance, misguided approaches, inadequate management or technical support and the inability to monitor the events generated by such a system.

By following a specific methodology, our experienced team of security experts will guide you to the successful adoption of a system that will protect you from data leaks and loss, from financial loss and, above all, from damage to your reputation.

A managed service such as Security Manager DLP offers a range of benefits that can help to effectively shield your data:

  1. Protecting sensitive information from threats caused by malware, internal users (either intentionally or unintentionally) and new employee communication channels (cloud and perimeterless organization).
  2. Identifying and automating classification of sensitive data.
  3. Providing visibility of who is sending your Data, what Data is being sent, who is receiving your Data and through which channels.
  4. Educating employees on security and cybersecurity compliance in practice.
  5. Tracing Data going to unauthorized applications, such as various cloud applications and Shadow IT.
  6. Facilitating compliance with ever-changing, complex data protection regulations and laws.
  7. Automating Digital Governance while saving resources and time.
  8. Maintaining and enhancing corporate reputation and brand value.
  9. Controlling access to data, even if the data is outside your network.
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